Live Your Dream


Live Your Dream

Map your future.

Map your future.

The Map Your Future package is for those who want to dream bigger in their life and career. Get clarity on your personal and career goals so you can prepare yourself to take the next big step.
Mind hacks for doctors.

Mind hacks for doctors.

Specifically designed for medical doctors at any level of practice, this package will help you manage the challenges of a demanding career. Mind Hacks for Doctors includes NLP techniques...
Hi, I’m Dr Lakshinie Gunasiri.

Hi, I’m Dr Lakshinie Gunasiri.

As a paediatrician, wife, mother, and entrepreneur, I know firsthand how hard it can be to find balance in a busy world. Narrowing in on what’s important can be difficult...


Thank you for the coaching session. It gave me some insight and showed me a new pathway. Keep up the good work. Take care.

Dr. Amila Liyanage
Medical Practitioner

I started having life coaching sessions with Dr. Lakshinie. This has dramatically improved my mental stability, helped me cope with a very difficult situation in my life . Dr.Lakshinie has helped me through different strategies on how to maintain my wellbeing no matter what situation is. I find her detailed and comprehensive approach more helpful. She is very thorough, patient and extremely talented, passionate in this area. Thank you so much for all help time and efforts Lakshinie. I know that you will be a great success as a life coach.

Business Owner

I had the privilege to be coached weekly by Dr. Lakshinie over a period of 12 months. I felt completely at ease to be myself with Dr. Lakshinie. I could go so deep into my soul and understand myself in her presence. She listened intensely and at times she surprised me with how much she could get me while my thinking process was still entangled. She helped me tremendously to clear my self doubts and many emotional stuck states.  An hour conversation with her would save me days and weeks I would have wasted dwelling on the what if of the decision making process.

I feel blessed I have found her. Dr. Lakshinie was very respectful and never forged her way onto me. I was empowered to trust myself more and more in her style of coaching.

I personally think she blessed my life with her caring and loving heart. I highly recommend her services.

Ngoc Le


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